Friday, March 27, 2015

Seeking Feedback from Your Small Group

Seeking Feedback from Your Small Group

Any group can easily walk in it's own weaknesses for a long time without actively seeking input and perspective.  Often, small group members have great input but won't think of sharing it without being asked.  Wise leaders will take time now and then to solicit feedback from small group attenders about the group and how it can become a better, more effective and enjoyable group.  Often, creating a page that members can take a few minutes within the group time will both facilitate reflection and also make sure that it gets done.  Here is a list of possible, sample questions.  Please feel free to create your own feedback form using any combination of the questions below.

Small Group Feedback Sample Questions

How is this small group for you?   (For example:  Is it encouraging you to take risks? Becoming a group of trusted people? Providing accountability?)

Are there any ways we can help you grow more as a follower of Jesus?

Is there any new way you would like to participate in our small group (ie, leading scripture study?)

Is there anything you would like to do more of in our small group? Less of?

Are there things that our group does that have been uncomfortable for you?

Is there anything that we do as a group that you would like to be interpreted better so we are clearer about why we do things?  

Does the time of the group work for you? Why or why not?

Do you have any feedback about how we use our time as a group?  

Any suggestions for practical next steps so we can be a learning community together?

Anything else you want to add about our small group?